The City of New Sarum

The City of New Sarum is commonly seen as a Camarilla bastion. What few attempts the Sabbat have made to arrange a foothold in New Sarum have resulted in brief wars that inevitably see the Camarilla triumphant due to the militant actions of those Kindred with fanatical devotion to the Prince. There's talk of some of the Kindred within New Sarum of being Sabbat defectors, if such things can exist, but the Prince has assured those who ask that this is not the case. He does not tolerate turncoats of any stripe.

Despite the somewhat decadent and deviant actions of the Prince himself, and those who attend his Elysiums (forcibly or not), Archons have rarely needed to make their presence known in order to enforce the Traditions. New Sarum has a pronounced stigma against Clans Setite and Toreador (due to the actions of the previous Prince, Wallace) while the Prince has been known to perhaps overly favour Clans Ventrue and Tremere. He favours stability and foundation, and is on somewhat cool terms with his own clan due to their known unreliability. He puts the Anarchs in the same camp as Malkavians, typically. The Brujah, Nosferatu and Gangrel all serve their purpose, but the Prince is reticent to grant the Gangrel much power since talks of their absconding from the Camarilla. There are rumours that he intends to do away with the Gangrel Primogen entirely, and some Independent clans are said to be in his counsel, jockeying for official Camarilla representation (for what that's worth).

Geographically, New Sarum has a south coast which is predominantly industrial docks, and in small part tourist-driven. There are a couple of beaches and a fairground, but both are in some disrepair. There are two airports in New Sarum and several highways that cut through the middle of the city from East to West. North of the city are sprawling suburbs and the occasional patch of woodland, beyond that being a 70 mile stretch of poorly constructed roads before the nearest sizeable town is reached. There are rumours of lupines in the woodlands and Anarchs using the suburbs as recruiting grounds, but neither story has really been substantiated.

Economically, The City is a hodge-podge of tourism, commercialism, media and small industry, the latter being almost confined to the south end. Not hugely affluent (but holding many independently wealthy residents), The City is current reforming and revitalising under new government in order to bring more trade and money in to its walls. Certain clans are said to be driving forces behind some of this change, undoubtedly to line their own pockets. The Prince is keen to see his domain grow and it's believed he has a major politician and local office of a major news network in his pocket. Certain renovations seem to have followed his predictions and publicly made wishes a little too closely.


Alexander Kennedy : Alexander is an influential board member of the dominant local television news network, Channel 5: News that Matters.

Nathaniel Saint : Freelance Security Contractor

darke dragon armory : weapons & armor & camping/survival store and martial arts studio (sales both legal and non legal arms and armor)

Starlight Delivery: Bicycle delivery service, primarily in the heart of the city. Next night delivery to the outskirts upon request. Anything else go use GlobalParcel like everyone else. Talk to Soggy.

Dutch Brother's bank:A large 25 story building with the most up to date security protocols and the like. Haven and place of business of Serafim Henderix. The main vault of the building is kept hidden, even to most of the employees.

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