The Famous

Fame 5

  • Oz Rothstein

Fame 4

Fame 3

  • Tumas Metrovich
  • Norman Dackron
  • Mr Artemis Von Grantz
  • Adam 'Winter Nightshade' Largo - Adam/Winter himself is not inherently famous, rather his establishment, 'The Crimson Chalice' is. Its quite well known and become a small tourist attraction.

Fame 2

  • Leo Zimmer
  • Flintlock "Flint" Hellstrom
  • Alexander Kennedy
  • Dahlia Butler - somewhat well-known for her skills as a cabaret singer/entertainer. More recently for her businesses 'The Powder Room Museum' and newest venture 'Le Cirque'.
  • Frederick Hudson "Buckie" - Local Wing Tsun instructor
  • Ethan Adams
  • Lucien Cortez - Famous amongst local business owners and politicians for his reclusive nature and ruthless approach to business rivals.
  • Delia Priest - Somewhat well-known, in many cities, for her skills with the piano.

Fame 1

  • James Johson
  • Devon Greenwood
  • Andre "Hvnz Kngt" King - Andre King is a local motocross champ and adrenaline junkie. HvnZ KngT is a graffiti artist with works all over the City.
  • Marian Conley
  • Danny Burke
  • Edwin Jett
  • Rodrigo Giovanni - Known to criminals as The Sicilian, a boogeyman of sorts who will shut your operation down if you don't consult him/try to backstab him.
  • Emanuel "Manny" Leibowitz
  • Douglas Shaw
  • John C. Curry
  • Frank "Whirlwind" Ford - Heavy weight boxer 1949-1963, state champion 1956-1960
  • Alan Horne - Is known for being a jeweler that the wealthy adore as he will create anything that they ask for as long as it is remotely possible though now this point in fame is under his alias as his own son.
  • Marshal Cob
  • Gink - known to the anarchist mortals from the squats and clubs, due to my oft hanging around them, over the years. performing as scarecrow musings, and helping them with their ideas for protests/activism. also known as that weird chick to some homeless people from the streets.
  • Archangel
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Matilda Weir - politicians and bureaucrats for never falling into the Arthur Dent trap. "i thought the public didn't know about this public review board"
  • Jason Stockley
  • Kalliope Tavoularis
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