Places and things around town familiar to all.

The corner.


A spot about three dorways down on a sidestreet from one of the main arterials in the heart of the city. Neat brickwork buildings with a business on one side and apartment houses on the other. The spot is kind of a kindred crossroads that finds its way into almost anyone's itinerary of a night.

The River


A river that devides the city.

The Subway


The underground subway system of the city. Also connected to the sewers and underground utility access points. The darker regions of which, not likely to be frequented by kine, are likely to be places where kindred meet and do business.

The Sewers


Deep under the city there is plenty of tunnels connected in a vile maze. There are quite a few in which no mortal ever set foot, most of these tunnels are clean, and only the Clan Nosferatu knows about them

China Town.


The City's local Asian district. This location is located between seedier owned Anarch territory and the more pleasant Camarilla territory. THIS AREA NEEDS TO BE ELABORATED ON.

The Park
Washington Square Park is located in the center of the city. The origin of the park dates back to the late 1800's as large lots of land were purchased and donated to the city for recreation. This is the oldest and largest of the parks that lie within New Sarem. It is filled with various attractions that include Woodbury Lake, an award winning Rose Garden, hiking trails and various picnic and recreation areas. The area is largely controlled by Clan Gangrel as Tarasius Cole (Former Primogen) claims (the Wildlands) domain over the park. Although with his fall in status and influence within the city much of the outlying areas are open to Gangrel and their allies. For those Kindred foolish enough to venture deep into the forest, proper arrangements should be made beforehand.

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