Our first experiences with the VTMYTE have shown a huge level of enthusiasm to participate and create stories concerning character development and city-wide plots both. This is to be (and has been) applauded within the community, as it's largely this creativity that makes our game as fun as it is.

Despite this, it is apparent that due to the sheer number of videos being created every week, plots are getting lost in the shuffle and character development is on occasion being missed or ignored. In order to assist in the sorting of videos posted to and ensure that no vampire is more heavily weighted in terms of presence than another, the following guidelines apply.

Tags / Labels:

All videos should be Labelled to include:

  • The names of any characters involved in the scene (i.e. Abraham Wolff, Igor Volkov, Cerephis Shawl). Please ensure that titles are not included. Vampires can gain and lose titles.
  • If pertinent to the scene, the titles of any characters involved (i.e. Prince, Primogen, Sheriff, Scourge). Please ensure that these are labelled separately to the character name, as the video may surround the vacant position of Hound (for instance) without there being one present.
  • If pertinent to the scene, the sects involved (i.e. Camarilla, Anarchs, Independents, Sabbat, Tal'mahe'Ra, Inconnu, Mortals).

If pertinent to the scene, the clans and bloodlines involved (i.e. Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Samedi). Please do not add an 's' to the end of any clan name to imply a plurality. Additionally, Followers of Set are Followers of Set, and not Setites.
*The names of any plots (i.e. Wolff vs. Shawl, Redcap Killings, Sabbat Civil War). Please ensure that you use the exact same label as used on the video initiating said plot. If you are the first to adopt a plot name, please ensure it is relevant and spelled correctly.

All plots and characters are equally as important, but these are labels that should not be used at this time:

  • NPC Names. They are encompassed in whatever plot is taking place that involves them.
  • Locations.
  • Discipline Names.

The list may expand, but at this time we only require the top list. Emphasis again on the need to spell correctly (Abraham Wolff and Abraham Wolf will not show up in the same search), match the labels that have been used before (Malkavian will not show up in the same search as used for Malkavians), and generally use common sense about what may be overkill.

The need to label is not a rule as much as it is a guideline. If you choose not to label your videos this is fine, but you run the risk of videos being missed or ignored.

Uploading Limits

There is no wish to stymie the creativity of our players, but given some players' proclivity for intensive bursts of uploading, it can result in the gems that only come out once a week being drowned. The labelling system should go some way to remedying this as well as the following ruling:

  • No player should partake in more than ten videos per week.
    • Of these ten, no player should partake in more than four 'plot' videos per week.
    • Of these ten, players are permitted to make as many as six 'character development' videos per week.
  • The result being that no player should appear in more than ten videos a week, with special emphasis on plot being rolled out slightly more slowly than before so that less frequent players should be able to keep up.

Video Length

This is a guideline, but it is encouraged that for the purposes of review, video makers are advised to restrict scenes to an hour in length. This is not due to any hardship on the part of admins or players, but rather it is less likely viewers will stay to watch a three-hour video, if that is what you're aiming for through video creation.

Admin Created Plots

If it is observed or raised that players are struggling to find motivation through their own character-driven plots, schemes and battles then the admins have the duty of coming up with city-wide plots that will likely divert the attention of the majority of Kindred in play. The admin are limited to creating one of these plots a month, and only when strictly necessary. As there are no GMs in this game, plots are for the large part down to the players to create.
In the event that NPCs are required for Admin Created Plots, an open call will go out to players who do not wish for their characters to participate to play said NPCs. The remainder of the rules apply to these plots.


These Pacing rules are created in an effort to provide structure to the game without making it constrictive, to make it easier to follow for casual players and viewers, and to make it easier to organise for admins.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License