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Name Clan Player Role / Concept Sect
Nathanial "Augustus" Richards Gangrel Augustus Dens Leader of the Anarchs Anarch
Lachlan Kennedy Gangrel Pete Jennison Gangrel Primogen Camarilla
Gregory "Gary" Walsh Gangrel Chris Francis Whip of Anarchs Anarch
Flintlock "Flint" Hellstrom Gangrel Phoenix Drake Ex-Rocker, Devout Follower of the Anarchs, Hates the Brujah Primogen Anarch
Michael "Hunter" Vash Gangrel Clay Hollandsworth - Wolfden808 Sheriff Camarilla
Hans Deninger Gangrel Mallius Alleris on Google+, Chalet Bronson on Facebook Scourge Camarilla
Boyd Morin Gangrel Dread Lun(dread Lunn on google+) Hobo Camarilla
Sebastian Fell Gangrel Heikki Laine Caitiff neonate adopted to clan Gangrel, Camarilla
Qadir Gangrel Demonik Turudic Charismatic Neonate Camarilla
Alexander Drayson Gangrel Alex DiLallo New Guy in Town, Drifter, Anarch Sympathizer Camarilla
Marshal Cob Gangrel David Jenkins Zoo Keeper Camarilla
Olavi Svartsten Gangrel Marko Vesala Outsider Camarilla
Guillaume Leblanc Gangrel Nick Tongret Tracker Camarilla
Vasily Yaroslavich Gangrel John McIntosh Grandfather Bear Independant
Anna Kästner Gangrel Theo Fortier entrepreneur, environmental activist Camarilla
Nicolae "Nick" Mihai Gangrel George "Wolf" Rusu Gangrel fledgeling Camarilla
Jack "Two-Axe" O'Hara Gangrel Jake Barnes Pioneer and Hunter of Men Independant
Abraham Wolff Malkavian Matthew "The Gentleman Gamer" Dawkins Prince Camarilla
Lysander Rowe Malkavian Christopher Gordon Outsider Camarilla
John C. Curry Malkavian Craig McClung Stage hypnotist, Emissary to the Ventrue Camarilla
Giome "The Redcap" LaFortier Malkavian Loki Von Wolfenstein theft, reconnaissance, and wet-work Camarilla
Konrad Sokołowski Malkavian Jędrzej Komorowski Union activist, black market merchant Camarilla
Solomon Asch (Inactive) Malkavian On hiatus - Dennis Kellogg Social Psychologist - Observer/Consultant Camarilla
Gink Malkavian Jessica Pink Listener in on Conversations and Occasional Performer/Promoter of Anarchy Anarch
Tumas Metrovich (Deceased) Malkavian Jake Sammut Primogen of the Malkavian Camarilla
Elizabeth Glint Malkavian Dhaunae De Vir Cassandra's Curse bassist and lyricist Camarilla
Neil Carter Malkavian Christopher Renninger unknown Camarilla
Jacob "Jake" O'Connell Malkavian Dylan Proulx Neoate Knowledge Seeker Camarilla
(Sir)Edward Hunter (Destroyed - Body & Soul) Malkavian Jason Kosh Clan Malkavian emissary to the Tremere Camarilla
Adelaide Hunter (Destroyed - Body & Soul) Malkavian Hannah Bridgeman Clan Malkavian Whip and emissary to the Tremere Camarilla
Andrei "Tick" Yusopov Malkavian Kira Seven Inter-city deliveries, Taxi service Camarilla
Anselm Bernard Sauber Malkavian Brad Bazor Malkavian Ancillae and Physician Camarilla
Allen Stroff Malkavian Andrew Hanks Neonate Camarilla
Delia Priest Malkavian Leslie Staten New in town, willing to help the people she likes. Camarilla
Rosa Vedura Malkavian Jaz Masters Musician Camarilla
Daniel Boyd Malkavian Alex Bright Fledgling, philosopher and questioner Camarilla
Vlad kharchev Malkavian Anarch
Matthew Iskander Malkavian Christopher Dart Camarilla
Katherine "Kat" Way Malkavian Danielle Roullier Camarilla
Joaquin Ulanowski Malkavian Andrew White Priest Camarilla
Jimmy Sphinx Malkavian Benjamin Brown All things automotive Anarch
Henry Lycaon The second Malkavian Joel Independant
Michael Wraith Malkavian Robert Hooge Malkavian Fixer/ Primogen Protemp Camarilla
Igor Volkov-Deceased Nosferatu Kovács Aurél András "RufusDaMan" Nosferatu Primogen Camarilla
//Damokles// (Ernst Vogel) Nosferatu Björn Fünders Nosferatu whizzkid / hacker Camarilla
Benedict "The Cancer" Krieger Nosferatu Jonathan Marshall (MisterShade) Dissenter, Free-agent. Anarch
Eleanor Mayhew Nosferatu Liz Doyle Fledgeling Camarilla
Vyacheslav Borisovich Nosferatu Sam Rogers Camarilla
Trevor "Beelzebub" Anderson-Not participating as of 06/17/13 21:35 EST Nosferatu Aaron Callender Vermin Lord Camarilla
Soggy - Not playing as of 07/19/13 Nosferatu Chugosh (Mike Heywood) Bicycle Messenger of the Night Camarilla
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