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Name Clan Player Role / Concept Sect
Ashim Bhattacharya Ravnos Thomas Bybjerg Brock Priest/Teacher/Kindred Historian/Human rights advocate Independant
Jack Cazma Ravnos Jay Cut Gambler Camarilla
Noah "Nobody" Kepler Ravnos Christian B Carnival Organizer, Prodigy Independant
Malak Qureshi Assamite Wesley Heins Kindred Historian, Assamite Representative Independant
Dimas de Saavedra Assamite Sebastian Cuellar Brother Camarilla
Pedro de Alcântara Other João Marcos de Aquino (Sligh) Misterious Ancilla, Bar Owner, Occultist Anarch
Lissee Murdoc Other Margot Medek (Baraqijal Blue) Human Independant
Victor Milan Other Michael A Mortal Independant
Miklos Makai Other Shawn Vegvari Human Independant
Alexandra Sunderland Other Andre T Independant
Matilda "Mattie" Wier Other Melanie Munro Human Independant
Marian Conley Other Satyra George Human <potentially ghoul> Independant
Malcolm Finney Other Peter Krog-Meyer human (ghoul) Camarilla
Emanuel “Manny” Leibowitz Other Xandor Xandoros Human, Attorney at Law Independant
Jack Crowley Other Will Johnston Human Independant
Christian Brannon Other James Rawet Human Independant
Oz Rothstein Other Jonathan Nielsen Mayor, Assistant to Ranald Dunsirn, Accountant Independant
Devon Greenwood Other Sam Harting Mortal Independant
Sarah Hopkirk Other Tash Cunnington Personal Secretary to Lucian Cortez of Cortez BioTech Independant
Alan Menzies Other Christopher Henson Mortal. Board member Cyberius Plc. Occultist. Independant
Daniel Madson Other Jamie Joberns Amusement, Toy, Independant
Jerome Weller Other Jeremiah N. Human Independant
Ariadne Quinn Other Andrea Payne Human Independant
Ronald "Ronny" Everett Other Andrew Whitmore Human fine-artist Independant
Joey "Sharp" Cruz Other David Martinez Human: Two-bit Hood/Drug Dealer Independant
Harry C. Tremaine Other Laser Halprin Gonzo Journalist Independant
Gwynedd Alexandra Weir Other Tylene Musser DECEASED Independant
Ana Forest Other Sarah Schwarting Hematologist Independant
Ethan Adams Other Taylor Luther Once Prize Fighter Alcholoic, turned Taxi Driver Camarilla
Lauri Tummakallio Other Marko Vesala Human, Dogwalker Independant
Alice St.John Other Denise Ammann Human Independant
Roxx Other Marko Vesala Ghouled Dog, Hellhound Independant
Loki Razkell Other Andrew David Human, Drug Trafficker Independant
Frederick Hudson "Buckie" Other Ferenc Dinka WT Instructor Independant
Abel Highfill Other Joel Lambert Human Independant
Jacob O'Conner Other Nick Myers Mortal; Dusker Defence employee Camarilla
Manuel 'Checo' Pacheco Other Sebastian Cuellar Human Club Promoter Extra…ordinare? Camarilla
Luka pathway of the storm mkhail Other Camarilla
Tobias Stone Other Robert Patrick N/A HUMAN Independant
Michael Black Other Phil Jones Mortal Independant
lucas cain Other lukas deroo Independant
Moses Alamieyeseigha Other Andre' T New Arrival Camarilla
Natasha "Natz" Stukov Other Robyn Barrett Independant
Gerry "Two Brands" Fields Other Gareth Clark Wild man, car salesman, driver Independant
Mason Mistry Wright Other James Pasque Independant
Ulric Stark Gangrel Oliver Goodier Fledgling, Smith Camarilla
Frank "The Whirlwind" Ford Gangrel Andris Stafeckis Second Sheriff Camarilla
Silas Creed Gangrel John @ RollForDamage Detective Camarilla
Gabriel Schmidt Gangrel Kevin O'Rourke (username Gabriel Schmidt) Hound, Hitman, Underworld Liason Camarilla
Tarasius Cole Gangrel Kris Komsa Old Fang Camarilla
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