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Name Clan Player Role / Concept Sect
Ezekiel Mayflower Caitiff Mark Kelly Disillusioned caitiff Anarch
Micael mcarthur Caitiff Camarilla
Erik Stenson Caitiff Daan ten Voorde Mercenary doomsday prophet Independant
Dwayne Allen Walker Caitiff Robert Hooge Human Camarilla
Danny Dansbury Brujah Christopher Osmundson Outcast/Pariah/Whipping Boy Camarilla
Heinrich "The Teacher" Starker (Inactive) Brujah Frank G. Voigt Brujah Elder Camarilla
Edward "Fast Eddie" Baldwin (Deceased) Brujah Caleb Santiago Ancilla arms dealer (Deceased) Camarilla
Sam "Sofa" Sommer Brujah Minkers van Buul Former Nomad/Pleasant person Anarch
Johannes Sailer Brujah Ferdinand Boleslawski Anarch muscle, Neonate. Former student activist. Anarch
Samuel "Hundred Proof" Boucher Brujah Jamie Stuart Rebel-Rouser, Anarch and general fun loving criminal. Anarch
Keiran O'Malley Brujah Dylan Blake Brujah Hand Camarilla
Jonathan Avery Retired Brujah Ivan Adžaga (Üvan Aga Adž) Neonate Camarilla
Liam Clark Brujah William Long Neonate / Mercenary / Courier Camarilla
Callum Ellis Brujah Lucas Martinez Neonate, Ex-soldier, taxi driver, AA councelor Camarilla
john marcus winters Brujah william john hummel weapons dealer/problem solver/ owner of the darke dragon armory Anarch
gina marie winters Brujah kimberly d hummel martial arts teacher/ co owner of darke dragon armory Anarch
Malcom "Diggs" Diggory Brujah Colin Cable Ancillia Negotiator, Rabble Rouser, gatherer of information, procurer of bribes, executor of the "undeserving" Camarilla
Lysander Eudocia Brujah Kade Ludbey Brujah Primogen Camarilla
Dante MacSavage Brujah Andrew Kempf Ancilla Enforcer of the Camarilla/ info gatherer Camarilla
Alexander Amsdures Brujah Joshua hosmer before memory loss tactical adviser as of now none Anarch
Alexander DeBurrows Brujah Keaton San Independent: Freedom from restrictions of society. Anarch
Henry Strong Brujah Franklin Melvin Clan Brujah Brute Squad with ideals of supporting what he sees as the greater good, the Camarilla. Camarilla
Thorsten Bjergson Brujah Karl Johan Lausten Knust Mercenary, saga man, old viking Independant
Bricks Helmsley Brujah Bas Langenberg Brujah Neonate Camarilla
Elizabeth Adams Brujah Charlie Kay Yelling. Shooting things. Yelling more. Camarilla
Aidan Brennan Brujah Cathal Redmond Neonate Irish Bootlegger turned Drug Dealer Camarilla
Vladimir Antenov Brujah Joachim Marsk Moslet Mercenary, Ex spec-ops sniper Independant
Huston Aberdeen Brujah Will Neeley Camarilla
Dwight Renfield (Inactive) Brujah Adam Rigby (WIP) Camarilla
Walter Schön Brujah Richard Haegeler Keeper of Knowledge Camarilla
Micah Rayne Brujah Hawk (Anthony Hawkins) Anarch Cabby Trouble Shooter Anarch
Karl Olafson Brujah Frederik Durhuus Very old Ghoul, Mercenary and Powerseeker Camarilla
Dorian Maker Brujah Joel Lambert Solider Anarch
John Midnight-Raven Brujah Jason Shaman,Gang Leader, Occult Specialist Anarch
Archard Nevruet Brujah Nick Myers Drifter Independant
Linnea Ukkoin Brujah Maiju Reiman Camarilla
Cole "House" Hauser Brujah Ian Irwin Ambitious New Arrival Camarilla
Philippe "Phil" Doucement Brujah Alessio Coraci Union Agitator Anarch
Michael Boone Brujah Alan Hunter Anarch Muscle Anarch
Hound Gargoyle MultiKarius Enforcer/Assistant Camarilla
Ranald Dunsirn Giovanni Sebastian "Stormbard" Bengtsson Clan Representative Independant
Rodrigo Giovanni Giovanni Jared Hays Capo/Businessman/Owner of the Open Casket bar Independant
Stephen Jian-Ming Tan / 譚建民 Giovanni Kevin Yang / 楊凱文 Medical Examiner / Physician / Businessman / Giovanni Advisor Camarilla
Solomon King Giovanni Tomek Solich Criminal Mind / Gang Leader Independant
Tybalt Koenig Giovanni Tobias Kutzke Bodyguard/Footsoldier Independant
Ian St John Giovanni Benjamin Brown Following John Raven Independant
Ignace Fournier Followers of Set Matthew "The Gentleman Gamer" Dawkins Emissary Independant
Hoster Marat Ravnos Ziggi Plucinski Old Mystic Independant
Lucian Bratovitch Ravnos Krzysztof Cichecki Wheelman/Snitch Independant
Sonny Chang Ravnos Weston Security Consultant/Confidence Man Independant
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