City Hotels

The citiy has three major hotels and a chain of seedy nightly motel/inns. All of which are run by the Tremere.
"Shh! Don't tell the Tremere but the Anarchs really control the seedy motels and inns."

The Whitlow Park:
A Modern Gothic building, this is the place to be seen staying. It is not for those on a budget nor those that do not know proper ettiqutte.
The largest and highest end hotel in New Sarum, many "famous" faces can be seen here. The rumor is that when you stay here, nothing is beyond
being asked for, nor is it ever not given.

The Betony Hedge:
A Classic street front Gothic styled hotel. This was the first hotel to come under the control of the Tremere. For the longest time it was the main
Hotel for the clan. But as the new Whitlow Park began business the upper crust moved to the new building. It is still a grand place to stay and not
cheap but perhaps a little more out of the spotlight than the WP.

The low end of the still highend establishments in the area. Winecress was the place to be in the 1920's. The interior still echoes with class and glam
and the faint ethereal sounds of the roaring 20's. What the building lacks in modernization it makes up for in class. A popular spot for the tourist on a
tighter budget, it still draws many weddings and receptions in its great Jazz Hall.

The Lords and Ladies:
These almost fly by night (pardon the pun) inns are meant for the weary traveler. Many things go on behind the doors of these mattress and shower
establishments. Many things that are not spoken of. But don't worry the sheets are changed at least once a week.

Perranporth House
Perranporth House is a late 18th century log cabin, that over the year has been expanded to a sizable residence. A half acre of formal gardens surround the house, providing a clear view in all directions from the house. Beyond the formal garden a sizable woodland extends 15 miles to the east a half mile to the suburbs of the city to the west and 32 miles north to south. The terrain varies from hilly to semi mountanous to the East and North, droping to wetland forrest and medows to the south. Due to some of the rare species of flora and fauna the land has protected status from the Federal government.

Perranporth House, gardens and preserve are owned by a reclusive philanthropist who has provided a legal covenant for the non development of the preserve area and has provided access to academics to study

The Tremere


This is the remaining solely owned hotel left over from the sell off of Everdark Enterprises.
It houses the Tremere Chantry as well.

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