Eric Harvey

Eric “John” Harvey was born and raised to be a good Catholic. First as an alter boy, then as a deacon and finally excelling in Seminar. It was there that he felt a communion with the works of St. John of the Cross and the mysteries of Christ and of the Word. And so great things were expected at his assignment.

At 22, the young priest, meeting all expectations continued his studies of the occult and mysteries. Branching outside the church for knowledge he found his way to a local Pagan shop. It was there where he met her, Ishtar. She was a red headed Priestess of her coven. Many nights he spent his free time with Ishtar learning of her culture and of ways outside of the church. It was the similarities of the two faiths that made of neutral ground. Allowing him to share his faith with her and explaining the deeper mysteries of faith. And was here in this forbidden place that Eric fell in love. Romanticizing their relationship being akin to St. John and St. Theresa. She opened another world for him and when he asked to leave the cloth to marry her, they stated she was his fall from grace. But did not the bible state, “above all this there needs to be love.”

2 yrs of happiness and bliss awaited the couple. He took to teaching while she ran her shop. Most nights he stayed him grading papers while she taught class. Sadly one night she stayed light to lead a ritual only for the morning to come and her not returning home. In a panic Eric called the cops and everyone he knew to begin a search for his beloved. It wasn't until three days later that they found the body. Her pale and colorless skin highlighted her stark red hair. It was said she was drained of all blood but there were no wounds found upon her. It was then a darkness consumed Eric for it seemed to the world that he died along side his beloved. Walking the world lifeless and cold.

For years he walked the planet in this way. Racked with nightmares of different situations where he finds himself in hell or reliving the lifeless corpse of his wife. Finding comfort only in books and happier memories. Honing his knowledge of the occult and the Word. To keep from sleeping at night he went out and gave sermons to those whom are unable to go to church. Finding it hard to break from his calling than he had hoped. It was during one of these sessions that a member of a church community found him. A new church were to be opened in the City and is in need of a Pastor. The gentleman claimed that God had led him to Eric and wished to offer the position to him. Saying that this would be the first step in returning to the arms of the Lord.

The Church believed Ishtar was his fall from Grace, Eric knew different. But if there was Summerland he knew that in order to see Her there, he must again find it. And so with nothing to lose Eric set out to the City.

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