Character Generation

Welcome to the Vampire the Masquerade Youtube Experiment, We have a alternate character creation process then the book. the changes are listed below.

Mortal And Ghoul Creation Rules

Mortals Ghoul Neonate Ghoul Ancilla Ghoul Elder
Attributes 6/5/3 7/5/3 8/6/4 9/7/5
Abilities 12/8/5 13/9/6 15/11/7 17/13/9
Disciplines 0 1+1 1+1 1+1
Backgrounds 5 8 11 14
Virtue 6 7 7 7
Freebies 15 18 20 22
Donor’s Generation Maximum Discipline Level
13th-8th 1
7th 2
6th 3
5th 4
4th 5
3th 6+

Although weaker than Cainites, ghouls still have an edge over ordinary men and women. All ghouls begin play with one dot of Potence, which they learn instinctively and immediately. Each ghoul also has one dot in another Discipline, which should be chosen according to your character concept. Ghouls are typically limited to learning only the first level of any Discipline; their borrowed vitae simply isn’t potent enough to bestow more powerful abilities. However, they can exceed this limit by consuming blood from more powerful vampires.

When a Mortal / Ghoul is Ghouled and Embraced the following things happen.

  • If a Mortal is ghouled, They gain 1 dot of Potence and Common or Clan Discipline of their Choice.
  • If a Ghoul is Embraced, if they do not have 3 disciplines, they gain Common or Clan Discipline of their Choice till they have 3 Disciplines
  • If a Mortal is Embraced, They gain 3 Clan Disciplines of their choice.

Vampire Creation Rules

Neonate Ancillae Elders
Attributes 7/5/3 9/7/5 11/9/7
Abilities 13/9/5 15/11/7 17/13/9
Disciplines 3 6 9
Backgrounds 10 15 22
Virtue 7 7 7
willpower Courage Courage + 2 Courage + 4
Freebies 18 20 22

Detachment from Society.

(cannot take this option if you have spent freebies in Backgrounds)
Occasionally kindred isolate themselves from kine societies and such never build the same nets that other kindred do. You can choose to spend 5 of your background points for an additional discipline.

The Elder Dilemma.

Technology Improves over time, new advances in medicine happen every day, new fighting styles get solidified etc, This generally leaves the Old in the dust, as they stick to their Archaic ways, as is their nature. Due to this, Ancillae and Elders Cannot take a Skill Over 3 Unless they were to spend the Time and effort to keep themselves acquainted with how the world is changing. For every Point of Attribute they give up. They can get an additional 3 points of skills which can be spent on raising skills above 3 or elsewhere.

Out of clans Disciplines at creation

A. Your two highest disciplines must be in Clan.
B. You must have arranged a PC Teacher for Uncommon Disciplines.
C. You cannot Start with a Rare discipline out of Clan. (including the Additional Discipline Merit)
D. In order to Learn a Rare Discipline from a PC, You must drink the blood of the Teacher.

Common Discipline

  • Celerity
  • Fortitude
  • Potence

Uncommon Disciplines

  • Animalism
  • Auspex
  • Dominate
  • Presence
  • Obfuscate

Rare Disciplines

  • Bardo
  • Chimerstry
  • Dementation
  • Koldunic Sorcery
  • Melpominee
  • Mytherceria
  • Necromancy
  • Obeah
  • Obtenebration
  • Ogham
  • Protean
  • Quietus
  • Sanguinus
  • Serpentis
  • Spiritus
  • Temporis
  • Thanatosis
  • Thaumaturgy
  • Valeren
  • Vicissitude
  • Visceratika

Altered Freebie Chart

Vampire Freebie Chart

What Cost
Ability 2 per dot
Attribute 5 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Discipline 7 per dot
Second blood magic Path 5 per dot
Blood Magic Ritual 3 per ritual
Humanity 2 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot

Ghoul and Mortal Freebie Chart

What Cost
Ability 2 per dot
Attribute 5 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Discipline 10 per dot
Second blood magic Path 8 per dot
Blood Magic Ritual 3 per ritual
Humanity 1 per dot
Virtue 2 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot

Sanctioned Books

Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
Clanbook: Assamite - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Brujah - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Followers of Set - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Gangrel - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Giovanni - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Lasombra - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Malkavian - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Nosferatu - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Ravnos - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Toreador - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Tremere - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Tzimisce - Revised Edition
Clanbook: Ventrue - Revised Edition
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